Saturday, July 13, 2019

Paying the Bill. Millwood - Autumn Taylor, Pax Seaward

Millwood Lake
White Birch Cafe
Autumn Taylor, Pax Seaward

The door opened.  It felt like a ponderous thing, a huge ominous slab of wood split down the middle, hanging on giant hinges only an elephant could open and that would be an elephant with her head lowered and all four massive legs planted and her body gathered to push.

They had been told to leave the cafe because neither of them brought any money. It was a good thing that they hadn't eaten yet.  Autumn pushed open the left side of the double doors with no help from an elephant although Pax Seaward did help push open the one on the right.

Humiliation was heavy.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Staying Out of the Way

South Beach-Heydon and Camilla Residence-Hailie Mitchell

It was everybody's birthday.  Hailie Mitchell's father, her sister Cadence and her brother Jason all had birthdays in the same month so her mother took them all out to dinner, all of them except her which was okay because she didn't like the food. To save bother, her brother Jason and his wife left their baby Colin Thackery here with the same babysitter her parents used: Hugs.  Hugs was the babysitter everybody used if they could get her.  

Behind them Hugs was sitting on the edge of the pool with Garrett who lived across the street.  He wasn't supposed to be here when Hugs was babysitting, but Hailie wasn't going to tell on her.

Hugs and Garrett talked very quietly and kept away from each other.  Colin Thackery was two and didn't know and wouldn't care what they did.  Hailie was six and she did know but didn't care either.  Maybe they thought it would be rude to kiss in front of her.

Hugs and Garrett talked very quietly and kept a little distance between each other.  Colin was two and didn't know and wouldn't care.  Hailie was six and she did know but didn't care either.  Maybe they thought it would be rude to start kissing in front of her. Hailie could understand the importance of being polite. She tried to be polite in turn, not be annoying, and not get in their way too much - too much being negotiable for Hailie, sort of what seemed best at the time.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Crossing Paths and Worlds

South Beach Crossing - Snapshot Bar - Fiona Dirac

Fiona Dirac rolled her bike up to the curb, winding her way around the cars parked at the rail station, uncertain where she was going.  She stood in the central square in the Crossings - the Crossing Station where all the roads and all the rails met and crossed and went on east and west, north and south past all the maps she knew.   She was meeting someone who was going to help her, someone who said to meet her here - her mother's best friend before her mother died.  On her way to find out who killed her parents and how they were connected to a dead man, Elegy Bergen would have to help.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Conspiracy of Birds-Jay Mitchell

A Conspiracy of Birds-Jay Mitchell-Wind Island

It had been an hour since Jay Mitchell ran inside the dome and reported that he'd seen giant flying reptile type animals circling the island.  To his complete mind-blowing astonishment, he was left alone in an office for half an hour then Georgia Kolioposis chaperoned him by driving behind him in her truck down the cliff and around the ferry pier to see Dr Elliott.  She didn't explain why.  They were kind of friends and Georgia looked uncomfortable and anxious and in a hurry to leave.

"Bye," she said.

Okay, so he turned around and went in the door.

She was waiting for him, standing in the middle of the room holding a glass of red wine like a scene from a movie.   Dr Virginia Elliott was the Chief Scientist.  Dr Elliott ran the observatory.  Dr Elliott had given him his job.  "Hi Jay.  I understand you saw something unusual this afternoon.  Have a seat."

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mothers Day

Mother's Day - South Beach Crossing, Thackeray/Whitney Residence

The drive from Clearwater College to The Crossing wasn’t nearly as long as driving to South Beach but Cadence still needed to rise early in order to arrive at a decent hour. She’d been in such a hurry to leave that she left her jacket at home. Normally, she would have left a spare in her car but she’d cleaned it out in anticipation of summer break. Not that she planned to come home, she didn’t really have a home to come home to unless she stayed with Wyatt and she didn’t want to presume she should unless he asked her, of course. Cadence shifted her weight, rang the bell again, and finally decided to knock on the door.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Doing Time

Miranda Taylor - Freshman Year: Spring Semester - Part 2
"Here you go."

I took the bottle of water hoping the quaking of my hands didn't show and drank. The water was refreshing and I felt my body relaxing with each thirst-quenching swallow.  Using the opportunity I discreetly checked out my host. He was tall and lean, broad shoulders, narrow waist, long legs, and muscular, not in the way that Will was, but nicely built.

An Unexpected Encounter

Miranda Taylor - Freshman Year: Spring Semester - Part 1

So far freshman year hasn't been all that crazy. I haven't declared a major but I did enroll in some photography classes that I really like. We were given the assignment to create a collection of shots focusing on a random object. Mine ended up being fences so I drove into the valley where there was open land, farms, and ranches. I figured that would be as good a place as any to begin. I got out of the car and started walking.